2018 Featured Restaurant: Barrio is a Popular Date Spot for Cleveland Couples Looking to Spice Things Up

There’s no doubt that Barrio has struck a serious chord with Clevelanders, but what makes it so desirable? The right combination of a vibrant decor, friendly servers, and Mexican food that’s a little out of the ordinary — think Thai chili tofu and pineapple salsa. Barrio is one of our featured restaurants because it makes such a great date spot, especially for first dates. Online reviewers agree with some even calling Barrio one of the best spots in Cleveland.


Barrio is Now Serving Certified Angus Beef

Barrio’s menu now includes quality, Certified Angus Beef ® short rib, ground sirloin, and steak.

What makes CAB special? All beef considered for the brand must be the best Choice, or Prime, beef – truly the top of the scale. This top-quality Angus beef is then evaluated again, using the brand’s set of 10 science-based specifications for marbling, size and uniformity. If it’s good enough to make the cut, then it earns the distinctive Certified Angus Beef ® brand label.


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Best of Cleveland 2018

Barrio wins Best Food Truck, Best Mexican Restaurant (East), and Best Late Night Eats


6 Perfect Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Cleveland

Cleveland food truck Barrio Tacos has become a popular option both on the streets and for catered events like weddings.

One popular food truck, Cleveland’s Barrio Tacos, is a roving offshoot of a full-service concept. The truck features three standard tacos: chicken, chorizo, and black bean. Each has a sweet, tangy, and savory flavor created by combining the protein with a special slaw, sweet corn, queso fresco, and sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla.

“The tacos were inspired by our fans’ favorite build-your-own taco combinations, which are available at Barrio restaurants,”…“Tacos can also be customized for special events, with proteins like Thai-chili tofu, grilled shrimp with chile-lime butter, and braised short rib.”


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6 Perfect Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Cleveland

Barrio Tremont – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this Saturday on Barrio’s amazing patio. The party includes giveaways, a taco eating contest, a DJ, a lot of Barrio tacos and of course, tequila.


5 Margaritas You Need To Sip Now

Barrio – Why we love it: Complete with 50-plus tequilas and more than a dozen flavor options, this Dia de los Muertos-inspired restaurant holds monthly margarita specials conceived by the staff. “If it works and we love it, then we put it on the menu,” says Heather Wilde, operations and beverage director. “We just have fun with it.” Try this: The Marigold ($9) is made with strawberry-pear puree, limeade, Patron Citronge and Cazadores Reposado.


Barrio adds new options to build-your-own taco menu, including bacon-queso tortilla

Barrio, a popular Cleveland-based taco shop, added 11 new options to its build-your-own taco menu. The menu allows customers to customize tacos with their preferred shells, cheeses, proteins and toppings.

The additions includes a new tortilla option called the “bombshell,” which consists of a flour soft tortilla and a hard corn tortilla, with queso and crumbled bacon between the two.


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Barrio Brings the Bacon and ‘Crack Sauce’ to Updated Menu

Barrio is adding 11 fresh selections to its “build-your-tacos” menu, while simplifying some if its language. And because change can be hard, let’s unpack exactly how much is new.

In place of the White Widow tortilla option is the Bombshell, notable for it’s crumbled bacon and queso between a hard and soft taco shell. The White Widow was more about the cilantro, spicy kick. The Bombshell meanwhile is all about the bacon.



Barrio is taking its tacos, tequila, and whiskey to the seaside community of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After opening five Barrio restaurants throughout the Cleveland area since its inception in 2012, Barrio is opening its first restaurant out of state. Barrio Portsmouth will feature the same build-your-own taco concept, specialty cocktails, and craft beer selection.


Best Mexican Restaurant in Ohio

This beloved Downtown Cleveland hotspot trusts its guests to build their own ideal tacos from a selection of fillings, including Coca-Cola-marinated steak, braised beef, homemade chorizo, pulled pork, bacon, shrimp with garlic cream, grilled portobello mushrooms, apple jicama slaw, and Western Reserve smoked Cheddar, but we suggest you let the masters build it for you and choose from the variety of “El Jefe’s Selecciones.”


Best Tacos / Happy Hour

In the five years it’s been rolling, Barrio has done for the taco what Melt did for the grilled cheese sandwich: democratize it and spread its blessings throughout the region. Sure, we’ve all been eating and enjoying tacos since we were old enough to bite through a crispy corn shell, but when they are dished up in surroundings as festive as these, the food takes on a whole new light.


15 Signs You’re From Cleveland

Cleveland, Believeland, The Land. Whether you were born and raised in Cleveland or recent to the area, everyone can agree that it’s far from a mistake on the lake. From the West side to the East side, Clevelanders share a love for their city, and definitely share the same experiences living in the 216. These are the 15 Signs You’re From Cleveland OH!

3. You’ve downed a ridiculous amount of chips and queso from Barrio before.

There’s no shame in stuffing your face with $3 tacos and addictive queso and guac. Whether you’re in Tremont, East 4th, or Fairmount; Barrio is always crowded with people looking for delicious tacos and margs.


Cleveland’s best weekend brunches and breakfasts: Barrio

Tacos for breakfast? The ultimate hipster food trend has gone mainstream with small, local diners and fast food giants like Taco Bell serving them up. Barrio was one of the first establishments to bring the breakfast taco to Cleveland when it opened its Tremont restaurant in 2012. The taqueria has since grown to four locations, each offering a weekend brunch with a menu that goes beyond the basic bacon, egg, cheese and salsa taco.

Here’s what you need to know about Barrio’s weekend brunch.


Barrio Gives Guests the Control Over Dining Experience: Best Tacos Contest

If you want to be more in control of your taco dining experience, then Barrio is the place for you.

While this taco shop — which first hit the Cleveland scene in 2012 — offers a menu of eight regular taco offerings, plus monthly specials, you also have the option of creating your own concoction tailored exactly to your taste.


Top 10 Taco Stands in the US

The beauty of Barrio Lakewood lies in its blissful simplicity. Aside from a handful of starters and sides, tacos take center stage. Diners are asked to order via pencil and paper — a smart move given the infinite number of possible combinations. Every aspect of your taco is customizable: hard or soft, corn or flour, braised beef or spicy, house-made chorizo, and the list goes on. There are a dozen salsas and sauces from which to choose, including a chipotle crema, habanero mango, and fiery Barrio Secret. Top it off with lettuce, onions, cilantro, tomato and three types of cheese and you’re ready to roll.


101 Best Food Trucks in America

Food trucks are more than just kitchens on wheels. Even if the buzz around the food truck renaissance started off frenzied and then cooled a bit, the resilience of these mobile eateries is a testament to the fact that creative, quite literally chef-driven food need not be limited to wallet-busting restaurants with month-long waiting lists. Here is our fourth annual list of the 101 Best Food Trucks in America.


25 Best Things to do in Cleveland

Barrio Tacos, a local chain and the go-to spot for delicious, build-your-own taco creations, features handcrafted cocktails, and plenty of tequila served in a hip, casual, and laid-back dining space. Made from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, Barrio’s tacos are packed with succulent meats and fresh vegetables.

Alternatively, you can build your own taco with all your favorite toppings for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Pair your taco with an icy margarita or tequila-based cocktail, a glass of sangria, or local wine. Be sure to stop by for happy hour, which takes place every evening at the bar. You can also find the Barrio food truck at several festivals and special events throughout the city and take advantage of monthly food specials. READ MORE

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All Systems Go for Downtown Eatery, Church-Based Brewery from Barrio Group

“Birdtown is a go,” says Fairbairn. “As soon as we get [Barrio] downtown open, we are going to start construction over there.”

When it opens this summer, Birdtown Brewery and Pizzeria (2035 Quail St.) will feature a small brew system, prominently displayed on what was the altar. A large round bar will extend from there, and tables will fan out from the bar. A lower-level space will be converted into a game room/private dining room, says Fairbairn.

“Our plan is to create a neighborhood and boutique-driven brewery that is all about Lakewood pride,” Fairbairn told Scene. READ MORE

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Downtown arcade revival to add Barrio ‘taqueria’

In a switch, Cleveland’s Barrio Restaurant Group, which runs taquerias in Tremont and Lakewood, plans to open a downtown location at 5th Street Arcades partially because of the city center’s growing residential population. Its focus also will be on evenings instead of serving the lunch crowd. READ MORE

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Best of Cleveland

What can possibly be better than warm corn tortillas stuffed with zesty chorizo sausage or tender shredded beef? How about a truck that delivers those tacos to a street corner near you? Since opening a few years back in Tremont, Barrio has been the go-to spot for reliable, delicious and unique taco creations (and tequila, lots and lots of tequila). READ MORE