How many locations do you have?
We have 6 in Cleveland, 1 in Portsmouth, NH, and currently expanding to East Lansing, Michigan.

What time are you open?
Mon-Thursday we are open at 4 pm. Friday - Sunday, we open for Brunch at 11 AM.

Do you take reservations?
No we do not. Barrio operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests can order drinks from the bar while waiting for a table.

When is happy hour?
Happy hour is 4pm-7pm Monday-Thursday at the bar/high-top tables. On Friday, it is 2pm-7pm at the bar/high-top tables.

Food Truck

Does the food truck serve drinks?
You can purchase water and soda for an extra cost.

What is included in the food truck service?
All paper products are included.

How long do we have the truck?
The truck is reserved for up to 3 hours.

Do you require a deposit?
For all events, $500 is the standard and for a Saturday evening, the deposit is $1000.


How soon should I book my catering order?
Orders need to be booked 48 hours prior to event.

Is there a delivery fee?
The delivery fee is $50 of places in our range.

How many tacos does each person receive for a standard catering order?
We serve 3 tacos per person.

What is included in the catering order?
Delivery and set up, chafing dishes, sternos, taco boats, sporks, serving utensils, paper towels and food labels are all included.