Barrio Honors Dr. Amy Acton at New Columbus Location

dr amy acton mural in columbus

When Columbus' first Barrio Tacos opens this fall, customers will be able to see a tribute to Dr. Amy Acton painted on the restaurant's walls.

A tribute to Acton will be among the restaurant's "Day of the Dead" murals.

The murals at Barrio Tacos' Columbus location are being painted by award-winning artist Eileen Dorsey of Eileen Dorsey Studios Inc.

“As I was prepping the design for the newest Barrio, I suggested to the Barrio leadership team that we include some local inspirations, and I recommended Dr. Amy Acton. They immediately loved the idea,” Dorsey said. “Adding her to the mural was a no brainer for me. Dr. Amy has been an important person to all of us during this time. Her words and tone of voice helped calm us even when things were looking bleak.”

Dorsey said designing the Acton section of the mural came naturally.

"I have the Dr. Amy character in her classic white coat with a mask in her hand. She is reaching out to hand it to another gentleman who is six feet away. I decided to add two children below that have flowers in their hands. The small girls are reaching out to hand Dr. Amy a flower as a sign of gratitude. I also think it is important as a young girl to see a woman in a powerful position," Dorsey said.